Julie Nagel was an artdirector with a growing
obsession for pictures. So she had to follow
her heart and became a photographer.
Loves to travel. Lives in Hamburg.
BFF Professional.

Die Zeit, Tchibo, Men´s Health, Fit for Fun, Lodown, Kaltblut, Quality, Superior,
Huf Magazine, Telekom, Tres Noir, Mahagony, Stadt Nürnberg, The Fashionisto,
Fault Magazine, Volksrepublik Sylt, !K7 Records, Buqet, HHV Magazin, Cake Mag,
Sternkopf, Weidinger Landschaftsarchitekten, Cristiano de Brito, Körpergold,
Plasticbag, Soraya Homann, Stilwerk/Viscious Gallery, Custombike